Ghooost Card Game Review

So about a year ago I picked up a copy of Ghooost Card Game.  Manufactured by IELLO and designed by Richard Garfield, this is a fast paced game that delivers fun.

The family style card game features a variety of Halloween style characters that aren’t too scary for the kids.  The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards.  Each player has to lay a card that us equal to or higher than the one the player before them played–special note: if you have multiple matching cards then you can play all of them as if they were one card.   This discard pile is called the Cemetery.  If you can’t play a card, you get to pick up the whole pile of cards in the Cemetery.  Your goal is to get rid of all your cards.  During the first have of the game, there are a pile of cards that haven’t been used.  After your turn, you must pick up enough cards to get your hand back up to 4 cards.  Once all the cards from the draw pile have been played (the draw pile is referred to as the Crypt) then the second half of the game begins.  After this point, the first player to play all their cards, wins.

During play, there are a few cards which have “special” actions or powers.  If a player plays any red card, the next person must also play a red card equal to or higher than the played red card on the Cemetery pile.  At any time, you can play multiples of the same card as if it were just one card.  If you lay down two or three matching cards, it immediately becomes your turn again.  This is a good way to get rid of cards.  If you happen to play all four matching cards of a particular number, it is referred to as a quartet.  When you do this, those four cards and all the other cards in the Cemetery are immediately removed from play forever.

If you empty your hand, you win.  After a player wins, the remaining players continue playing until everyone has won except the last player.

Pros:  The game is easy to learn, easy to play and quite fast paced.  The game plays fairly well in about 15 minutes after you know how to play.  Kids and adults both will enjoy the characters on the cards.  You can play just one hand or multiple hands–your choice.  Even my six-year-old can play–the box says 8+ but younger kids will catch on quick.

Cons:  I don’t like the rule that play continues until one “loser” is left and everyone else is declared a winner.  This seems a bit harsh to me for a kids game.  Easy enough to fix–just play until one person wins that hand and then stop right there.

Overall Rating:  I give this game an 80/100.  The game is loads of fun but can become a bit routine.  Great card game for occasional use.  Definitely will stay on our shelves.  Really good for parties–up to six people can play and it doesn’t take a long time.


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