Setting Up for 2015

Just a quick note about my 2015 plans.  I just finished a full length manuscript which will now simmer for 30 days before I begin the first full rewrite.  I plan on writing three more full length manuscripts this year.  I also plan on writing at least 14 short stories.  Each of the manuscripts will go through a rigorous process of rewriting spaced out along several months so that with each rewrite, there will be a month or two for the previous iteration to simmer.  The short stories are each assigned a specific week.  During that week, the story will be outlined, written and then rewritten until I am satisfied.  From there, they are off to various magazine editors for consideration.

That is the plan overview.  To make it happen, I plan on spending a minimum of four hours writing each day.  Saturdays will be five hours of writing.  Sundays no writing.

Aggressive plan–yes.  Possible —  yes.

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