Working for the Weekend

Many people I know are always “working for the weekend.”  Everything they do during the week is geared to setting themselves up for a great weekend.  I like the idea of planning a fun activity and preparing for it.  Sometimes half the fun in life is the anticipation.  But every week?  It seems to me that such people are only living 2/7’s of their lives.  Why not have some activity planned that you are looking forward to everyday?  Even if it is something difficult.  That way, you are at least living in the day if not in the moment.  Just saying.  Today I am looking forward to helping my daughters work on their homework.  I am also looking forward to working on my current writing project.  I missed the last two days working on my paver project–when I finally cleaned up and got ready to write, I was just too tired to focus.  Not tonight, tonight I am ready to write.

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