Paver Project

After over a decade of fighting a losing battle against the lawn (read: weeds) in my mow strip, I finally capitulated.  The past few weeks I have slowly pulled out the sod and stuffed it in my trash can.  I can only put a few pieces of sod in the trash cans each week otherwise the cans are too heavy for our local collector.  Reluctant to get dressed down yet again for overloading my trash cans, I have taken the very slow approach.  The mow strip consists of two sides with a tree in a dirt bed in the middle.  My plan has been to replace the grass with brick pavers and leave the tree box alone.  The limit on how much I can put in the trash cans has made it like a slow moving race against time in an effort to get the project done before the snow falls.  A race that I am currently losing.

Upon becoming aware that I was going to lose this race, and lose it bad, I decided to place the order for the pavers and have them delivered.  My new plan was to put in the pavers on the side I have fully pulled the lawn out from and then, when done that side, just pull out the rest of the sod and stack it in the circle.  Each week, as I place the trash cans out in the circle, I will throw a few pieces of the remaining sod in the cans.  It may look trashy, and my neighbors may be irritated, but I need to get this chore done before the snow comes.

The brick pavers were dropped off on Monday.  So on my way home from my day job, I stopped at the local Home Depot and picked up eight bags of sand and a couple other items I needed.  When I arrived home, I immediately got to work.  The dirt was mostly level and I spent a few minutes just getting out the last few tree roots and gluing a cap on the sprinkler pipe that is no longer needed.  You see, this is a hidden benefit of the change, grass demands water while pavers demand nothing.

The work progressed slowly.  I placed the first two lines of pavers down in about an hour.  Each one was carefully placed on a thin bed of sand.  The sand gives the pavers a nice, solid base to keep them level.  Then I hit my first snag.  The sprinkler pipe repair needed pipe glue and mine was bad.  Luckily a kind neighbor happened by and offered to go hunt me down a bit.  He found a can and brought it over.  With that quick repair done, I got back to laying bricks.  And then the rain started up.  Cold rain.  Not fun rain like you find in Hawaii.  I pushed through the cold and wet.  The rain stopped.  And now the light was fading.  Half of the one side was done.

I left the rest until tomorrow.  I think it looks pretty good.  I will post a couple pictures tomorrow of the project.

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