Amazing Author–L.E. Modesitt

The Magic of Recluce

The Magic of Recluce, 1st book in The Saga of Recluce

I love to read.  I read all the time.  Most books, I read once.  I enjoy them but I never return.  Although I typically read several books each week, there are very few books that I have read more than once.  One of my absolute favorite series ever is by L.E.Modesitt.  The series is named , “The Saga of Recluce”.  It involves several different characters and is 16 books long.  Oh how I wish there were even more.  The first book in the series, although later you learn it isn’t the first book chronologically, is The Magic of Recluce.  I am currently reading it for the fourth time.  I have read the whole series twice and several of the books three times.  I think this time, I will be reading the whole series once again.  What an absolute treasure.  The central theme of the series is the balance, and sometimes the lack of balance, between the twin forces of order and chaos.  Most of the books in the series follow a different character.  Each character has their own viewpoints on the value of chaos (destruction) and order (construction).  The books do an excellent job pitting characters from both sides of the battle between these forces in situations where they must choose good or evil.  With excellent plotting, character development, and real moral decisions, The Saga of Recluce is one series every lover of fantasy should read.  Although the pace is not particularly fast, there is plenty of action and loads of conflict.  If you haven’t read them–give at least one or two of them a shot and let me know what you think.

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